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Having a past in Real Estate makes it a lot easier for us to do stagings.  We know what buyers are looking at when entering a home and we can help you declutter (and begin packing!) your belongings.  

Having a staged home doesn't mean it has to be sterile and unliveable.  It just means that you will sell your home that much faster.  Let us help you!

We stage both occupied as well as unoccupied homes.  Our 2 hour staging makeover includes removal of items to better showcase the home as well as a list of suggestions for the homeowner.  The cost is $275 and if additional time is needed, $50 per extra half hour.


Unoccupied stages include 5-7 pieces of artwork and accessories for one mantle, one set of shelves, one master bath and one kitchen.  The cost is $175.  If needed furniture can be rented at a quoted price.

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