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Spring has Sprung

It's time to bring the outdoors inside. That being said, here are a few tips to keep some of the outdoors, well, outside. You might want some fresh spring air coming in but you don't want the pollen that floats on it. Make sure to take off your shoes as you enter your home. This is always a good idea to keep your carpeting looking it's best, but especially this time of year. Ditto for your pets. My black dog used to turn yellow in Atlanta from all of the pine pollen. I would have to brush him off before he could enter the house. Not a fun time for either of us but better than going through a box of tissues every day!

Make sure to vacuum more often and not just your carpeting. Put on that brush-like thingy that came with your vacuum and run it over your couches and chairs as well as lampshades. While you're at it, make sure that you are dusting from top down before you run your vacuum. You don't have get all crazy but why not just spend a bit of time getting those Christmas tree needles out from under the furniture and starting a new season with a clean home. That way, if Martha happens to swing by while in town you will not feel shamed.


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