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Hello Sunshine!

What do you know? I walked into a local home goods store today and found this!

Yellow, yellow everywhere on this cloudy winter day. I suspected that either yellow or kelly green would rear their heads this season and I was correct. No, I'm not a psychic, nor do I check the "Trending" headlines on all of the design sites every day. (I actually hate that word because it's now so overused and usually indicates something negative in the news.) I knew these colours would be showing up because with grey as the new neutral, and teal the omnipresent sidekick to grey in 2016, there had to be a movement into a new contrasting bright. How else would home furnishings stores sell new pillows and throws and chairs and towels and, and and… you name it.

Every January, a new bright colour takes center stage and it is always one that directly contrasts with the previous season. Here's how it goes: As one colour takes all of the glory, designers and trend-setters are already busy at work figuring out what other colours they can use in very small doses, to contrast the hip new shade. If you look at a colour wheel, yellow is across from the blues. It goes great with navy for a nautical look, or teal for an exotic feel. Since paisleys and Indian Ikat prints were all the rage, we're going to suppose that the movers and shakers decided to expand on that and put yellow, or rather, mustard in charge in 2017. You'll also be seeing the grey becoming more light and bright until we decide that white-ish is the new neutral. (Place your bets here folks). You will see fuchsia and maybe some apple green too since it sits beside yellow on the wheel. Teal is going to slip slightly into the background, but not so much that your home will look outdated if you decided to go the teal route in 2016. I added a mustard pillow to my grey chaise it doesn't it look awesome? I'm going to throw some teal back in there too because quite frankly, yellow is my least favorite colour but I am a slave to design. Ha.

One of the fastest ways to figure out what's trending in colour is to go into your local Walgreens and see what nail polish and makeup they have on their seasonal end display. No, I'm not kidding. Right after I left the home goods store, I drove across the parking lot to Walgreens (It's a really big parking lot!) and look what I found on the end display!

If you decide to go this route, as with any bright colour, wade in slowly, my friends. Yellow is particularly tricky in that it can change your room more dramatically than most colours and mixed with the wrong shade of beige or brown, can look really sour and ugly. Or how about this; you just give me a call and I'll come out and do a colour analysis for you, thereby saving you the trouble of buying the wrong thing! That's what designers are for and why we go to school. I'm off now to sit across from my new yellow pillow and soak up it's rays.

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